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Full List of Strata Landed in Singapore 2022

Updated: Feb 18, 2022


If you are planning a unit to get a unit at the upcoming Belgravia Ace, you have to read this list first.

However, if you are thinking of pulling the trigger for this, you might want to check out the list of Strata landed in the market. You might be surprise at what you can find*

*Information updated as of 12 Jan

Freehold Strata landed

Belgravia Ace

Developer: Fairview Developments Pte Ltd

D28 - Seletar / Yio Chu Kang

Tenure: Freehold

TOP : Jan 2028

Size: From 3649 sqft for Terraces and 3929 sqft for Semi D

Price : From 3.83M1(043 psf) for Terrace and $4.1m (1052 psf) for Semi D ( Indicative)

Belgravia Ace is the latest and probably the last mega freehold strata landed site in Singapore It comprises of 104 Semi D and 3 Terraces . Sitting on a plot of 290,520 sqft, it has one of the best sqft to unit ratio at 2715 sqft.

Land size starts from 3929sqft for Semi D and 3639 sqft for Terraces. Prices are indicatively starts from 4.1m (1043psf) for Semi-D and 3.83m (1052psf) for terraces. This project would be in high demand given the pricing and the size of the estate.

The Whitley Residences

Developer : Hoi Hup Realty Pte Ltd

D11 - Newton / Novena

Tenure : Freehold

Legal Completion: 2020

Size : From 5533sqft

Price : From $4.96m (828 psf)

The Whitley Residences may not be a new kid on the block and had TOP in 2017 with legal completion. There are however, 6 more brand new units to be sold. This means for those who want to move into a brand new house almost immediately. With a plot size of 130164.32 sqft shared among 61 residences, it still command a decent 2133 sqft per unit ratio.

The only downside is that the development is already a few years old and that might affect the decisions of those who are planning for a complete brand new development.

99 Year Strata Landed

Parc Clematis

Developer : Sing-Haiyi Gold Pte Ltf

D5 - Bouna Vista / West Coast

Tenure : 99 years

TOP : Dec 2023

Size : From 3566 sqf for Corner Terraces adn 3832 sqft for Bungalow

Price: POA -Last Strata Detached went for 4.018m (1049psf) on Oct 2020

Sitting on a Mega site of 633,639 sq ft, this development houses both apartments units and strata houses. There are 18 strata houses with only 4 units remaining ( 2 Corner Terraces and 2 Bunglows). The other difference compared to Belgravia Ace and The Whitely Residences is that it is 99 years.

Kent Ridge Hill Residences

Developer : Oxley Spinel Pte Ltd

D5 - Bouna Vista / West Coast

Tenure : 99 years

TOP : Dec 2024

Size : From 1830 sqft

Price : From $2.998M (1638 psf)

There are 36 strata landed on plot consisting of apartments and strata landed. Currently 9 out of 35 units remains. In terms of psf, it is considerably higher than most strata landed in the market.

Which one to pick?

Freehold vs 99 years

If we are to compare the above base on the prices, it is interesting to note that Freehold Strata Landed is commanding a price that is on par or even significantly from 99 year Strata Landed. Given that Strata Landed usually commands a higher price entry point, it would make sense to consider the freehold strata over 99 year old strata landed. That said, location also play a key as the 99 year old Strata Landed are in the desirable Bouna Vista area where rental could play a part in the investment decision.

Location matters

If one is looking to move in for the near term, The Whitely Residences provide the best value for money in terms of PSF and location. At the price point from 828 psf, it cost at least half of a leasehold condo in the vicinity. If you compared to the landed properties land size, which can stretch to $3000 psf and above, The Whitely Residence is a steal at the current price point.

In comparsion, Belgravia Ace price of $1020 is about 10% cheaper vs the surrounding landed properties in terms of land size. In terms of growth potential, it would appear that The Whitely Residences have the upper hand.

The stock of strata landed has not been high in comparison to condomiums and even landed properties. One of the reason is developer's cost. For new strata landed, it is necessary to set aside 45% of land for landscaping. As such developers would be building lesser units on the plot. It would be less likely to see mega strata landed projects in the near future, so Belgravia Ace and The Whitely Residences would be highly coverted.

With Belgravia Ave launching in 10 days, would you still put in the cheque for it or would you consider the other options avaliable?

If you are unsure of the options and would like to seek a consultation on the potential of the strata landed, we can provide a complimentary session for our readers.

What we will provide

1) Financial Assessment to see if Strata Landed is suitable for your budget

2) A detailed analysis of the comparable developments

3) Showhouse and Site Viewing appointments

4) Legacy Planning and options for Second Property investments

Drop us a message here at to book your slot today.

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