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How much do I have to earn to afford the $1.5 Million Dollars Property?

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Recently, one has seen more resale HDB properties for above $ 1 million. While this continues to be an outlier, the cascading effect is the price rise for new private property.

Starting prices of new launches today

At the time of writing, new launches below $ 1 million are a rare commodity. Realistically these are the starting prices of current new launches today.

1 Bedroom - $1 million

2 Bedroom - $1.15 million

3 Bedroom - $1.4 million

4 Bedroom $1.85 million

The 3 Bedroom will be a common option for HDB upgraders and new home buyers looking for a longer-term investment. As such, we will use $1.5million as the criteria to search for a 3 Bedroom.

The question in most minds will be how much I have to earn to afford the $1.5 million property. We will attempt to break it down by age based on the following options.

  • This is the first private property purchased.

  • Buyers would have a sufficient case to cover the first 25% of the property, stamp duties and lawyer's fees ( approximately 29% in total)

  • Maximum Loan of 75%, maximum age of Loan at 65 or 30 years, whichever is shorter

  • The calculation is based on a single person. For dual-income families, the income required will be halved.

  • No existing debts for the individuals

  • Income excludes annual bonuses or other bonus

Additionally, current restrictions on loans apply

  • TDSR of 55%

How much do you have to earn to afford a $1.5 million property?

Properties Price : $1,500,000

25% cash : $375,000

75% Loan : $125,000

Misellaneous additional cash ( 4%) : $60000

At age 25: $9,186 ($4593 for dual income)

At age 35 : $9,186 ( $4593 for dual income)

At age 45 : $11,863 ( $5932 for dual income)

At age 55: $20,226 ( $10,113 for dual income)

Some observations to take note

  • At age 25-35, the amount of income remains unchanged as you can take the maximum loan tenure of 20 years. This implies the best time to commit to a property to gain the maximum loan at the lowest income will be below 35 years old.

  • You would need minimum cash of $435,000 even if you meet the income criteria.

  • As one gets older, the runway for loans gets shorter. As a result, one needs to earn more to take the same amount of loan.

  • It is prudent to take a smaller loan as you need to set aside funds for other expenses such as renovation, car loans, emergencies and other expenses.

  • The calculation can apply to new and resale properties. Do take note to include a bigger buffer for renovation for resale properties.

While many had lamented the rise of property prices in terms of PSF, the overall quantum looks affordable. For many, the main obstacle will not be the income but the cash needed for the property.

For a clearer picture, it will be best to engage a property consultant to work through the numbers with you. We provide obligation-free property financial planning to our readers.

Whatsapp us at 9695 0900 for an appointment.

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