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How to sell your property during Phase 2 Heightened Alert - July 22 to Aug 18

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

With Phase 2 Heightened Alert reintroducing from July 22 to Aug 18, there will be restrictions on how you can sell your house under Phase 2Ha.

Key Changes

The key change is that the number of distinct visitors allowed.

For Inhabited Property

  • The number of distinct visitors is limited to 2 per day. If you have your own agent present during the visit, the potential buyer will not be able to bring in their own realtor. This might deter some buyers from visiting your house as they might not be able to negotiate terms if they are keen.

  • Additionally, if you have other visitors to the house on the same day, you would not be able to have buyers or agents coming on the same day if it exceeds 2 people.

For Vacant Property

  • A maximum of 2 visitors at any one time. This would include the realtor (if any)

Additional Measures

  • Wear masks

  • Maintain safe distancing of 1 metre

  • If a person turns up unwell, ask them not to participate and see a doctor

  • All viewings must be recorded to fulfil contact tracing requirements.

Alternative to physical viewings

As you can see, this limits the opportunities to show your houses to more buyers. With that limit, it will be hard for you to arrange viewings regularly.

Here are some alternatives to consider

  • Have the realtor photograph or video your properties to conduct online viewings.

  • Conduct 'live' viewings via Zoom for buyers.

  • Discuss with your realtor on using other media to market your property

Signing of Documents

Electronic signatures may be used in place of "wet ink" for the estate agency agreement and certain property transactions documents as estate agency agreement

Contracting parties may consider the use of secure electronic signatures for property transactions for greater assurance, such as “Sign with SingPass”, which allows SingPass users to use the SingPass mobile application to digitally sign an electronic document. You should seek advice from appropriate professionals such as lawyers if you or your client have any doubt in relation to the use of electronic signatures for these documents.


Housing & Development Board currently does not allow the exercise of option to be done remotely or electronically. Forms prescribed by HDB such as its Option to Purchase form, require “wet ink” signatures

How to sell my property during Phase 2 HA?

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