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LIV @ MB Pricing is out. Is it worth it?

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

LIV @ MB preview has started over the weekend and will last until May 17th.

During this period, buyers would have the opportunity to view the showflat and choose to submit their interest via a blank cheque to developers. Judging by the response over the weekend, this looks set to head into balloting.

So what makes LIV @ MB an attractive option for buyers. For one, it will be the guide prices provided by the developer that probably paved the way to more interest on the ground.

As you can see, the prices start from as low as $2080 psf for a 3 bedroom unit at LIV @ MB. This price is unheard of in the Prime Meyer District where most of the current offerings are north of $2500 upwards. Granted that the majority, if the new launches are freehold vs LIV @ MB 99 year leasehold, prices starting from $2.327 m for 3 Bedrooms and $1.43 m for 2 Bedrooms, are more palatable options compared o $2.9m and $2m for similar size Freehold units.

Compared to Seaside Residences (99yrs) located at Marine Parade / Bedok vicinity where prices have reached the heights of $22xxpsf, LIV @ MB looks like a steal given its more prestigious address in Prime Meyer district and the close proximity to the city with Katong Park MRT within a 3 minutes walking distance.

The other consideration will be the pricing guide of Piccadilly Grand. with an average price of $2150-$2200 psf for the units, it is quite similar in terms of the guide price of LIV @ MB. This would generate additional interest, especially for those who failed to get a unit at Piccadilly Grand.

Last but not least are the 2 upcoming 99yrs GLS launched in D15. The first would be Jln Tembusa site. With the winning bid at $1302 psf, it would mean that the price of future launches would be between $2100 to $2400 psf. This puts it squarely into LIV@MB territory. If the focus is on location and exclusivity, LIV @ MB would edge out. As such, the guide prices are very attractive for buyers.

There is another site at Dunman that had yet to determine a winning bid. It is expected that it would be higher than the Jln Tembusa site. With these 2 GLS sites as a safety net for prices, LIV @ MB looks set to be a winner... should one manage to get a unit. Another interesting to note is that LIV @ MB is expected to TOP in 2024 vs the other new launched in 2026. That would give LIV@MB an edge if one was to factor in 2 years of rental costs.

Do note that guide prices are set for the units such as low floors or unfavourable facing. If you are looking for higher floors with better facing, be prepared to pay $100 to $200 psf more. That said, even at $2400 psf. LIV @MB still looks like a steal.

The question now is would you be likely to get a chance to own it.

Read our LIV@MB Review here.

If you are looking to get a unit at LIV @ MB, do contact us at for a viewing appointment. We are the developer's authorised agents and would be able to arrange a viewing at your convenience.

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